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If you’re new to my writing, here’s a collection of my top posts. Many of these have resonated broadly and/or have been featured elsewhere.

(Some of the older essays may be paywalled halfway through since they’re in the archive, but the first parts should be interesting on their own.)

On the art of work, creativity & ambition

Status Limbo

Pursuits That Can’t Scale

Love the Mission or Love the Game

Trophy Jobs

On the future of startups & investing

Rise of the Silicon Valley Small Business

One-Round Wonder

Big TAM Founders, Small TAM Startups

The Generational Business Trap

On the science of building products

Don't Build A Social Network, Build A Social Utility

Zero-Sum vs. Positive-Sum Products

Don’t Build Habits, Build Rituals

What I Learned at Clubhouse

You can also check out my new year post with 24 top-of-mind ideas.

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